Transcutaneous Oximetry Measurements (TCOM)

  • Historically used to monitor oxygen uptake to the skin in neonates. Currently used as a tool to assess oxygen delivery to the patients skin(PERFUSION). This is done by Vascular Specialists including Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Units
  • Used in selecting successful candidates for HBO by identifying the presence of tissue hypoxia and responders to hyperoxia
  • Aids in vascular assessment to predict non-responders to treatment
  • Important predicting tool in choosing a suitable amputation level site
  • Cost saving and non-invasive
  • May also assist in determining when treatment is complete or beneficial


Value Interpretation
> 40 mmHg Good healing
20 - 40 mmHg Intermediate healing
< 20 mmHg Poor healing

The Tina TCM400 is capable of taking up to 6 readings - one of which is a reference lead (usually the 2nd or 3rd intercostal space) and the rest are placed near the wound at standardized locations to determine O2 tensions surrounding, distal or proximal to the wound. Each reading takes approximately 20-30 min.